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Kalacha Camp
Kalacha CampSituated in the Chalbi Desert, North Eastern Kenya, Kalacha Camp sits on the edge of a permanent oasis, fed by a natural artesian well. The Gabbra people of this area are a hardy race, and adaptation to a nomadic way of life ensures their survival. The Kalacha oasis is an assured watering point - several days’ walk from suitable grazing areas, and camels, cattle, donkeys and goats gather here in mass.

This simple, unique and surreal camp is built using local materials, including doum palm trunks for the poles, and woven doum palm leaves. The Camp is simple - comfortably furnished with a colourful profusion of hand printed cushions.

The camp consists of four bandas with huge convex thatched roofs – keeping the rooms cool, twin beds and en-suite bathroom with flush toilet. The bandas have a small verandah on the front, and overlook the oasis. The mess area is an open-plan circular building. A kidney shaped swimming/plunge pool partly enters into the mess area – and is an extremely refreshing escape from the hot, dry desert weather.


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