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Nanyuki River Camel Camp
Nanyuki River Camel CampThe Nanyuki River Camel Camp is situated only four kilometres from the centre of Nanyuki town, at the eastern foot of Mount Kenya. The Camel Camp is located on the banks of the Nanyuki River, beneath a canopy of Cedar and Podo trees.

Description: The concept of Nanyuki River Camel Camp was developed by Chris Field after spending twenty years living as a nomad, helping pastoralists become more self reliant, in the arid regions of northern Kenyan on the Ethiopia border. Although three quarters of Kenya is arid or semi arid, most visitors to Kenya never experience such extreme ways of lives.
No of traditional huts: 8

Activities: Insight in to traditional ways of life, camel rides, nature walks.

Accommodation/Facilities: The camp consists of eight traditional Somali houses brought from Mandera and Isiolo and made from woven palm mats attached to wooden frames. They provide accommodation for sixteen. There is a dining banda with a camp fire, toilets, bathing facilities, kitchen and store. Additional campsites are located along the river.


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